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Google Is Bringing Two Great New Games To Stadia Pro In February


Google has announced that, as suspected, they’re continuing to bulk up the offering of Stadia Pro free games with two more in February 2020. Next month we’ll be getting the Stadia exclusive Gylt, and Metro Exodus, the latest game in the Metro series. I’m pleasantly surprised that Google is keeping up with this trend, because a lot of people had me convinced that they’d give up on Stadia in 2020. However, we can now obviously see that this isn’t the case.


Metro Exodus


As the latest game in the Metro series, it might seem a little daunting going into Metro Exodus without any prior knowledge of the series. Really though this game is a standalone entry, and while it does pull the story of the past couple of games forward, it’s very much its own game. Interestingly it’s also just seen the announcement of a brand new expansion, Sam’s Story, making it one of the more relevant triple A games to be available on the platform. If you’ve not moved into either of the Tomb Raider games, I’d suggest starting your Stadia journey with Metro Exodus next month. It’s possible to purchase DLC on the Stadia store, so if you enjoy the game you can always opt to purchase that DLC and extend your stay in post-apocalyptic Russia.



This is the game that I’m quite excited about in February. Gylt is the only Stadia-exclusive game on the platform at the time of writing, making it impossible to play anywhere else. Gylt is labelled as a creepy puzzle adventure, drawing on horror elements while remaining a little more on the lighthearted side of things. I’m intrigued to see how the game plays on Stadia, what it’s like, and play it all the way through so that I can compare it against the likes of Unravel or Little Nightmares, other similar games.

On To March

I really hope that Google continues to add new games to the Stadia Pro offering for the rest of the year at least. February 2020 is the month that all Founder’s Edition owners, including myself, will need to begin paying a monthly subscription for Stadia Pro. To make that service worthwhile, I need to be getting two free games each month. I’m not saying that to be greedy, but it’s just the only way that the service can even come close to being worth paying for with the likes of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate out there.

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