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Good News Everyone! Five New Free Games On Stadia Pro Today


Last week Google made a phenomenal announcement, and today that announcement comes to life. As of right today, it’s possible to get five brand new games on Stadia for free. These games are free to Pro subscribers, meaning that you’ll need to sign up, and may actually now have to start paying a subscription fee too. However, I’d argue that this is worth it, given that you’re getting five games for less than £10.

The games that you’re going to get on Stadia Pro this month are; Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, Little Nightmares, Get Packed, SuperHot, and Panzer Dragoon, the remake. While not all of these games will cost you money to purchase on other platforms, the majority of them will, and Get Packed is actually an exclusive for Stadia.

Each of these games has proven themselves time and time again. SuperHot in particular is one of the best on the list, providing you with an endless amount of shooter fun should you go looking for it. Any fans of the original Panzer Dragoon will absolutely adore the remake, and Little Nightmares doesn’t require any justification, it’s a fantastic game, and that’s a known fact.

The two most interesting games in the collection for June are Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, and Get Packed. As a Stadia exclusive, Get Packed is probably the main reason to sign up to Stadia Pro this month. The game will be yours to play forever, and it’s not even that expensive if you think about how much you get with this subscription. I haven’t played the game myself, but I have heard good things about it. With Moving Out being the main game you’d compare it to, I don’t think it could be that bad at all.

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid is also very interesting. The game s a free fighting title that a number of people play on a regular basis. It gets updated with new fighters, missions, and arenas each season, and is well worth playing if you enjoy fighting games. If you’re worried about a lack of people to fight though, don’t be. This game will be the first to feature crossplay across all five major platforms, so you’ll never have a lack of people to beat up.

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