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Good News Everyone! Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Just Got A New Update


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order really is a fantastic game. It takes the elements that make souls-likes fun, the intense fights, challenging combat, and limited respawn abilities, and brings them into the Star Wars universe. Not only that, it has a story that you get genuinely invested in and want to spend time exploring. It’s the single player Star Wars game of a generation, and it was pretty much perfect. Now however, it’s been given an update with some new free additional content.

The update went live earlier this week, May the fourth be with you and all that. There isn’t a more appropriate time to update a Star Wars game, particularly when most people will be looking to get back into it for the day anyway.

The update adds a lot of new stuff for you to play around with. First, there are brand new challenges to take on, with various enemies waves being thrown at you to challenge even the most-skilled players. The new Mediation Training feature is a way for you to get some practise in against enemies without the risk of dying and losing all your progress so far. These are accessed from Mediations, and look to add a fair few hours to your next playthrough.

You can now also craft your own challenges to take on. I really like this feature, because it lets you create some truly brutal encounters that will push your skills to their limit. I also can’t wait to set some stupid challenges for friends once we’re out of lockdown.

On top of there being more cosmetics now in the game, you can ply with then all unlocked in New Journey +. This is a bit like New Game + in other games, but from the looks of it you won’t still have all of your Force Abilities and skills. I like the idea of this mode because it makes the concept of collecting every cosmetic in the game a bit more achievable in my eyes.

Let us know if you’ve been playing more Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or any other Star Wars game, this week in the comments. 

We’re trying to cover as much good news on games and get it in front of your eyes. If you enjoyed this little look at the new update for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, check out all of our good news here.

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