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I Completely Missed The Disintegration Technical Beta


Over the weekend there was a technical beta for Disintegration. This was an opportunity for anyone who wanted to to experience a small part of the game in its current state. I was really excited to try the game out, so I loaded up my Xbox One, set it to download the beta, and went about my business until Sunday night. Unfortunately, I came to find that I could only play the training level of Disintegration, a tutorial that didn’t give me an idea of what the game’s multiplayer would be like at all.

It turns out that the beta ended on Saturday, and I’d skipped the whole thing. However, I’m not one to waste an opportunity, so I thought I’d cover my thoughts on the game based on this tiny slice of it alone.

Battlefield Control


In Disintegration you control your hoverbike, which hovers, and a number of units on the ground. While the hoverbike is fun to zip about and shoot enemies in, it’s got garbage defences. That’s why Disintegration is much more of a game about sending others in to do your dirty work.

The controls are precise, allowing you to select an area or object for units to head to or interact with. When it comes to enemies, targeting one for the units to attack makes them more of a preference than a definite kill. Units are clever and will run towards a target, but they’ll defend themselves and kill anything they encounter along the way.

It’s also possible to have your units use a special ability. In the tutorial this equated to a grenade throw, but it had an interesting effect. Enemies would be stunned momentarily, opening them up to critical attacks from the units, as well as from my own hoverbike fire.

As more and more units piled onto the simulated battlefield, I found myself floating around in a bit of a circle, targeting enemies as I went. Before long I was sending my units off in one direction and covering them with hoverbike fire as they moved, getting them to focus on larger groups while I picked off individuals. It worked really well, and I felt like I’d mastered the general idea of the game.

Protect The Bike!


As you’d expect, being a floating commander in the middle of a battlefield makes you a bit of a target. While my units were trying their best to shoot as many enemies as possible, more kept sneaking up behind me and shooting me in the back. After a while this did some significant damage to the health of my hoverbike, and I needed healing.

It’s possible to health both the hoverbike and the units in Disintegration. There are stations around each mission, at least there were in the tutorial, that you can order units to activate. This will open up a healing aura of sorts that sends nanobots out to heal everyone within it. It’s also possible to pop down a similar healing aura from the hoverbike, though it has to recharge. I found myself using this a couple of times after being assaulted by sneaky enemies in the middle of an intense engagement.



Overall, I had fun with Disintegration’s tutorial. It’s a solid experience that gets you excited to play the full game. While I was too late to actually give some multiplayer a go, I felt like I’d be able to beat whoever I came up against, or at least give them a good going over with some bullets and grenades.

If you’d like to hear less about the tutorial and more about the game, let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure we get a review out.

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