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Good News Everyone! The GDC Relief Bundle Is Here


Earlier this year, as news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) was spreading, a lot of events got cancelled. Among the slew of cancellations was GDC 2020, probably one of the biggest games events out there. In fact, I’d say it was the biggest, if you take E3 out fo the equation.

This was a huge blow to many of the developers attending for a few different reasons, but the key one is that the money they’d put down for their exhibition space, their hotels, flights, and anything else was now all up in the air. Since things have gone the way they have, all of those expenses have probably been refunded, but the developers still won’t get those other benefits that the event brings, which is why this games bundle is so important.

The Mingling

The best part of GDC for any indie developer is the chance to showcase their game to publishers from around the world. Any event has this, but GDC is one of the best for it. Publishers are always on the look out for the next big game, or just games that they believe will sell well. Often, these games are discovered after they’re played at an event, and GDC has the space for publishers to then interview the developers regarding a deal.

Without that space and the opportunity to get their game in front of thousands of people, these smaller developers are going to suffer. Luckily, there’s a new games bundle that will both support these developers financially, and help them get their games in front of more people than they could otherwise. It’s called the GDC Relief Bundle, and you can find it here.

The bundle is pretty simple, you pay what you want, and you get 167 Steam Keys. The funds go towards supporting those developers who have suffered financially from the cancellation of GDC, and there’s even a small stream going on for this week that will see the developers chat about their games. I’ve never seen a better deal on games than this, and the best part is that I recognise some of them. If you’ve been watching a few indie games on Twitter or elsewhere, you could get them here for a tiny fraction of what they’d normally sell for.

Consider helping these developers out by donating. There’s nothing bad that could happen to you. The only outcome to you spending a small amount of money is that you gain more than 150 games.

With the mainstream news being filled up with lots and lots of coronavirus stuff right now, we’re trying to get some really great news in front of your eyes as much as possible. If you enjoyed this look at the games bundle that’s supporting those developers who would be attending GDC 2020, check out some more good news here.

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