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You Should Try Stadia Now That It’s Free For Two Months


Google has announced that Stadia is free for two months. That’s not the basic package either, they’re offering Stadia Pro for nothing. All you have to do is download the app for Android or iOS, or fill out the right form online, check out the official blog post here, and you can enjoy the premium version of Stadia for nothing. With lockdowns in place around the world, there really has never been a better time to try the service out.

I’m one of those people who purchased the Founder’s Edition of Google Stadia, and I’m still not sure about it myself. The service offers a super fast version of Destiny 2 which I actually prefer to my PS4 copy. The only issue that I think most people will have is the visual fidelity of the game’s on the platform.

Given that Stadia is a game streaming service, the visual quality of the game’s isn’t as good as you’d get on a dedicated machine that’s actually playing the game. With that said, the standard for Stadia Pro is now usually 4K, which is better than what many PCs can offer.

This service comes with nine free games, and it’s possible for you to play them all fro free for the next two months. There really never has been a better time to give it a go and see if you like it. You can play your games from any device, and the quality is genuinely really good when you think about what you’re playing. Stadia Pro usually costs $9.99 per month, something that Founder’s Edition owners have been paying for the last month.

I’m quite relieved that I get another break from paying for Stadia Pro. The service is good, but the lack of exclusives makes it hard to justify using. I prefer to play games on PS4 because of the trophy ecosystem, but that limits me to playing at home. Whenever I go away, which I’m not at the moment, I take a laptop and my Stadia controller so that I can play Destiny 2 on the go. For situations like those, the service is unparalleled.

You’ve got no excuse for the next two months. It’s likely that the UK at the very least will be locked down until the end of June. You’re all going to be stuck indoors for more than a few weeks, so you may as well sign up to be able to play nine games from your phone or computer. No one can see what you’re doing on your phone while you’re on a Zoom call.

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