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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has Some Ridiculous Stats


Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been out for just over a week now, and already it’s had some ridiculous stats. The game is just part of a full-blown remake for the entirety of Final Fantasy 7, but it’s so big that the entire game couldn’t be remade at once. That in itself is ridiculous, the fact that the ambitions of the developer were so great that they superseded their own design. I can’t think of any other games that have achieved this, though that’s probably because this is the only example to be made public.

But let’s get into the real meat of these stats, the launch sales for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Square Enix themselves have shared that the game sold 3.5 million copies in the first three days on sale. which is bonkers.

Now, I think we should caveat these stats a little with the facts. We reported around the time of the game’s release that Square Enix were shipping copies early. This meant that some consumers got their copy of the game a few days before the actual release date, and allowed the developer a bit more time on the shipping front. Whether that makes this number any less impressive is up to you.

So how many copies is 3.5 million? Well, it’s the number of people that want Joe Wix to be their PE teacher in the UK. The celebrity has been running PE sessions every morning on YouTube to help parents with homeschooling, and it seems like quite a lot of those kids actually want their PE sessions to remain like this long after social isolation and lockdowns are lifted.

3.5 million people is also just over the entire population or Uruguay. This probably doesn’t have any impact on your sense of awe, but it’s impressive that the number of people who purchased a game in the first three days of availability is just over that of a quite well-known country.

Finally, and this is a really good one, 3.5 million people is the estimated number of vegans in the UK. Veganism has seen a huge boom in the UK over recent years, it seems like you can’t go anywhere, or couldn’t before lockdown, without hearing someone asking for the vegan options. Most businesses now offer a vegan option, and many more have gone completely vegan in order to be completely cruelty free.

So there you have it. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has sold as many copies in the first three days as there are people in a single country, and vegans or children who want a better PE teacher in the UK. Does that make it more or less impressive?

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