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Good News Everyone! Borderlands 3 Revenge Of The Cartels Is Live


Borderlands 3 is getting hit with all kinds of free content updates to keep you busy. The last one that we reported on was a new way for players to help work through quite a lot of data, sorting it for scientists. Now, we’ve got some straight up new shooter content, and it’s all about taking down the leaders of a few cartels.

Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels is a new time-limited event that runs from now until June 4. It adds an entirely new area to explore and work through, new challenges to complete, and brand new gear to unlock such as Legendaries and Anointments. The gist of the story is that your mate, Maurice, who lives on Sanctuary 3 has gotten himself into a little debt to Joey Ultraviolet. This guy is the kingpin of the Eridium Cartel, and has a number of goons under his control. You’ll be heading over to the new location, Villa Ultraviolet, and fighting the various cartel members who are out for Maurice’s scales.

The first time you log into Borderlands 3 with the update applied, you’ll get a repeatable quest from Maurice. This allows you to head to Villa Ultraviolet, but that’s not all there is to do. Around every other area in the game there will be enemies with a neon aura, these are Cartel Operatives. Killing the operative and collecting their dead man’s switch signal will cause more cartel members to warp in and try to avenge them. Unfortunately, these cartel members are accompanied by an Underboss, who is going to be very hard to kill. Once you’ve collected enough Hideout Coordinates from these underbosses, you’ll be able to get Maurice to open a portal to Villa Ultraviolet.

Within the cartel are three gangs, each of which has their own distinct personality and look. You’ll be fighting various enemies from across all three gangs, and in the end you’ll need to take out all three if you want to make the most of the in-game event. There’s a lot on offer here, but you’ll need to put the effort in and complete those challenges if you want to get any of the new loot that’s available.

We’re trying to get as much good news in front of readers as possible during these times of lockdown and suggestions of blasting light at our bodies to combat the pandemic. If you liked this look at Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels, check out all of our good news here.

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