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Good News Everyone! Star Wars Battlefront 2004 Now as Online Multiplayer


A huge new update to Star Wars Battlefront, the 2004 version not the version you’re probably thinking of, has just added online multiplayer for the PC. This is a huge piece of news because it means what is pretty much the definitive Star Wars Battlefront experience can now be played online with your friends, competing in huge battles from a galaxy far far away.

Star Wars Battlefront was developed by Pandemic Studios, and it was a phenomenal game. Now EA owns both the Star Wars game rights, and Pandemic Studios, though they closed the developer down some time ago. Thankfully, the publisher has done some great stuff with that license, one of which was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, bringing online multiplayer to Star Wars Battlefront is a move that shows a consideration for fans while everyone is in lockdown.

This is a game that a lot of people will have in their Steam library. It has a brilliant offline mode that allows you to compete in battle after battle in the middle of some of the most iconic locations in the Star Wars universe. It’s very easy to waste away the hours plugging away at these battles, one after the other, and you can get through an entire evening without noticing the time ebbing by. Now though, things will be different.

Playing Star Wars Battlefront with friends in co-op has always been a blast. I remember playing it with others while we all crowded around the television back in 2004. It was great fun then, and I can’t see how that will have changed today. The big difference is that you can now play the game with your friends, but without the need to go and actually see them.

It’s so interesting that EA would allow this update to happen, when they’re currently focussed on Star Wars Battlefront 2 for modern consoles. This could be a way for them to show the stark improvements made over the years, but really all it’s going to allow people like me to do is relive some truly nostalgic times.

We’re trying to keep up with all the good news in gaming that’s going on around the world right now. If you enjoyed this look at a really old game getting online multiplayer at last, check out some more good news here.

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