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Dying Light Gets Demonic With Hellraid


Techland has announced the release date for the latest piece of DLC coming to Dying Light, Hellraid. The DLD will launch on July 23, and it’s set to take players right into the depths of hell for some very unique gameplay.

Hellraid was actually an FPS game developed by Techland some years ago. The game focused on hack and slash combat, had a mission mode that saw players work on getting the most points possible, and even a classic horde mode that just saw you battle as many enemies as possible. A mobile game spin-off launched before Hellraid, and was very well received, but the main game never actually made it into player’s hands.

However, now Hellraid is being brought into Dying Light, and many Hellraid fans are pretty happy about it. This DLC will be a paid piece of content, and it comes from the team dedicated to supporting Dying Light. The game has seen more DLC than any other game I can think of, and I doubt that will ever change to be honest.

As for what we can expect from the Hellraid DLC for Dying Light, I think it’s safe to say that it’s going to include the horde mode like Arena mode at the very least. The trailer gives little away, but the fact that an arcade machine is used to access it seems to hint that this will be a quick experience to jump in and out of. However, I do also think that if Techland wanted to, they’d include the story and mission modes as well, I don’t see why they wouldn’t if they’d already worked so hard on them in the past.

At this point, Dying Light is becoming a place for Techland to test out features and concepts that they can use in other games. It’s slightly strange, but it’s also quite a welcome way of working for the Dying Light fan base. They get a constant influx of new content, and Techland get paid for the hard work they put into the content they make. They could make pretty much anything, and Dying Light fans would almost certainly eat it up. Not because they’re desperate, but because it’s all generally amazing content.

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