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Dying Light: Platinum Edition Has It’s Own Achievements Because Nintendo Offers None


One of the worst features about the Nintendo Switch is the lack of any sort of an achievement system. PlayStation has trophies, Xbox has achievements, but Nintendo has never offered anything. It’s always been a sore point for me, because I love collecting trophies on PlayStation. I’ll always opt to play a game on PlayStation if I have the chance, because I know that there’s a good chance I’ll push myself to get the platinum trophy in a game at some point. It might not be for a while, but I’ll try it at some point. Now though, it’s possible to get that same feeling in Dying Light: Platinum Edition on the Nintendo Switch.

Techland has released a new update for Dying Light: Platinum Edition, the Switch port of the game, so that it adds achievements into the game. The patch also fixes some stability issues with co-op, fixes bugs and a duplication glitch, but overall it’s the achievement system that’s the highlight here. I’m honestly so thrilled that this has arrived, because I adore this game on Switch. It’s the best port of any game I’ve seen on the platform, and I think it deserves more attention than it’s been getting. Now there are achievements, there’s even more of a reason to play.

Think about all the times you nabbed an achievement or trophy in the game, and how good that felt at the time. You rack these up without even thinking about it in most cases, since they drop for cumulative actions. Now it’s possible to get that additional sense of progression on your Nintendo Switch. This is honestly something I never thought I’d be able to discuss, because Nintendo seems determined to ignore the requests of players and implement a similar system for your Nintendo Account.

The bottom line here is that now you have yet another reason to play Dying Light. Even if you’ve smashed it several times before now, you can get in on it and unlock all the achievements all over again in the ultimate port of the game. It still doesn’t have the micro DLCs and smaller events, but it’s getting much closer to being up to date with the versions that do.

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