Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition Headset Review


The Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition Headset has become a favoured companion of mine over the last few months. Until I got it, I was using a Skullcandy headset that my daughter managed to break so that only one ear actually worked. I honestly didn’t think that a headset this cheap could provide a decent quality output given how expensive most headsets are these days, but this product has proven me completely and utterly wrong. Not only is the audio great, the headset is comfortable to wear for long periods of time while listening to music, games, and whatever else you might be doing.

What’s Good?

The Gioteck HC2 Decal Edition has perfect cushioning all over and provides a great audio experience. You can hear everything that’s going on very clearly regardless of platform, meaning you can take this device and use it with whatever you’re playing. The cushioning is perfect on the ears, and there’s a little at the top to prevent the hard plastic from hurting your head. I don’t have any evidence for this, but I’m willing to bet that this will also help to avoid any hair loss from the device rubbing against your skull too.

The headset comes with a microphone but you don’t have to plug it in. I’ve had a blast using it without the added bit on the side, and it’s worked better than my other headsets. Being able to remove that microphone so you don’t always have that obstruction just makes the world of difference. No one has complained about not being able to hear me either, so it must be good quality.

What’s Bad?

The only downside to this product is the decals. These are totally unnecessary since the headset looks great in black as it is. It does come with a couple of sets of decals, a military style, and a Minecraft style. I can see the appeal for those who want it, but for me, these are a waste of space. I’d much rather have something like a little more padding on the top of the headset to really maximise that comfort factor. However, as I’ve pointed out, it’s fine as it is.

If you’re looking for a headset that does the job and even goes a little further for your money, this is it. I really can’t fault it, and I’ve been hammering it for a few months now. If the build quality was desperately cheap, it would have broken by this point. I’ve used cheap headsets before. They feel flimsy and useless, and they’re even more uncomfortable than they look. While this headset still gets a bit sore after hours of use, I get that with any headset, so I can’t count that against it. Do yourself a favour and buy this as your next headset. Save yourself some money.

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