Gioteck WX4 Switch Controller Review


The Gioteck WX4 is a premium Switch controller from Gioteck. It’s a wireless offering that combines all the buttons you use on your Switch into a single space, much like the Switch Pro controller but for half the cost. However, if you think the cost brings the quality of the experience down, you’re sorely mistaken. The only thing better than this controller are those that are special editions, such as a Splatoon 2 or anniversary controller that have limited edition decals. As far as day to day gameplay goes, this controller is perfect, and it won’t break the bank so you can use it whenever you want.

There’s nothing that makes this controller stand out, it’s just a good controller. For example, the buttons are clearly made with decent contacts and plastic because they provide a decent amount of clicking feedback. This isn’t something you get from controllers with spongey contacts that will fail after a few months. This controller will stand up to a lot of use, which is what you want from any device that you’ll be using at least once a day. There are even buttons underneath the grips to help you build in a level of customisation that will make playing games on the Switch more enjoyable.

The only downside I found with the controller is the quality of the plastic shell. I think this is meant to be able to be swapped out for different shells, meaning you can have a custom look to your controller for every day of the week if you want. However, I prefer a much more solid, high quality shell, and this just doesn’t feel like that. It feels like the cheap Chinese handheld consoles you can pick up online that look like a Game Boy but are, in fact, total garbage.

With that said, the shell isn’t the end of the world. After all, it’s the interactions you want to be high quality, and those are the saving grace here. You can play for hours in much more comfort that you’d be if you were using the Switch in handheld mode, and that’s a big bonus from me.

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