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PS3 Tech Demo Kara Now Playable In Detroit: Become Human


Now that Detroit: Become Human has been available on PC for about six or so months, it makes sense that mods are beginning to pop up here and there. The one I’m talking about today is pretty special, because many people believe that the game wouldn’t have come about without the love that one character, Kara, saw after her appearance in a PlayStation 3 Tech Demo. Check out the demo below, and read on for more details about the mod.

Now Kara is actually one of the protagonists in Detroit: Become Human. She is an android who can break her programming, should you make her, and one of the most interesting characters you’ll ever come across. However, it seems like Quantic Dream were thinking about her way before they even announced that game.

The above PlayStation 3 Tech Demo was showcased in 2012, and Detroit: Become human didn’t release until 2018. Here we see Kara as an android, and eventually she’s given emotion. That emotion makes her different though, because she begs so hard to be allowed to exist, that she actually saves her own life. It was a very moving and technically impressive demo at the time. Of course, with the PlayStation 4 now out, the demo doesn’t look that great, but you can see the bones of what would become Quantic Dream’s latest game in there already.

This demo contained all of the ideas necessary to make Detroit: Become Human a reality, but I don’t think that the developers were thinking about that at the time. I think that this demo was meant to be a self-contained universe. One that we would never see more of, because they hadn’t fleshed it out. The star was and is Kara, and that’s all we’re meant to care about.

Now thanks to the power of modding, you can play as this Kara in Detroit: Become Human. All it really does is reskin the Kara in the game, but it makes her look like she’s walked right out of the tech demo. In a way, it’s a nice call back to a fan reaction that probably saved the character and the world from being canned.

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