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You Should Still Keep An Eye On GoldenEye 25


The developers of GoldenEye 25 have been asked, quite nicely, to stop all work that they’re doing. If you weren’t aware, the project’s overall goal was to remake the original GoldenEye for modern PCs, making it possibly the best shooter of the modern day. However, the IP holder, those pesky big shots who own James Bond, don’t want to see this happen. However, the project isn’t dead at all, and that’s why you should be paying attention to it, now more than ever.

I’ve followed this project for a while now, and it was shaping up to be something incredible. We did get a sort of sequel to GoldenEye back in the day with GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, but it didn’t really do the first game justice. The multiplayer was okay, but it wasn’t what it needed to be in order to really allow us to relive the original experience.

GoldenEye 25 was set to give us that first experience all over again, albeit with some really fancy graphics. However, it was obviously not meant to be. With that said, the developers have just been told to stop producing a GoldenEye remake. They haven’t been instructed to turn over all of their assets and stop working entirely. This means that now is the time for them to pour all of that passion into a slightly different game.

Here lies the reason that you should still watch the GoldenEye 25 project. The game they ultimately put out isn’t going to be the remake of your beloved childhood shooter. However, it is going to be heavily inspired by, and based on, that shooter you loved so much. With all of the work that’s gone into the project so far, the core gameplay experience is there. right now some new assets are needed, as well as a new story, but the basics exist, and they look more and more impressive every time an update is shared.

I find it mad how IP holders shut down projects like this. By that, I mean ones that don’t seek to make any money from their work. Passion projects sell more products, but their creators never see that money. Maybe one day the IP holders will allow someone to remake goldenEye, but that day won’t be in 2020. It’s probably for the best, considering how the year’s gone so far.

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