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Why Sony Should Show Off The Last Of Us Part 2 Multiplayer Today


Today Sony is set to show off the PlayStation 5 in a lot more detail than we’ve seen it before. They’ve got to show us a release date, and they need to show us a price, but there’s also the question of games. I think that Sony should show off the multiplayer component of The Last Of Us Part 2, which was sorely lacking from the initial release. We know that this game is out there and being worked on, but so far we’ve seen nothing of it. There is no better time than now.

The Last Of Us Part 2’s multiplayer component would be a perfect system seller, if it’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive. It would convince everyone who played the main game to carry across to the new console and get into the multiplayer. The original game’s multiplayer still has people playing on a daily basis, so it makes sense that this would be a key part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 strategy moving forward. With that said, it might be an issue if the game is next-gen exclusive.

The Last Of Us Part 2 is very popular. A lot of PlayStation 4 owners took the plunge to buy the game, and more than half of them finished the story at least once. It’s a fantastic rate of completions, and shows the dedication of those players. What it also shows, is that most people have played the game, so they’ll need something really special to convince them to move to the PlayStation 5.

How exactly can Sony make this work then? Well if they offer a free upgrade to a remastered version of the game, that’s a start. If that remastered version then includes the multiplayer variant, it would be even better. A lot of people are probably planning on moving up to a PlayStation 5, it makes sense if you’re a fan of the ecosystem Sony has built there. Adding an entirely new feature to one of the most popular PlayStation 4 games ever would also give players something to hook onto. They know that from day one they have something new and interesting to play, and that’s what will help sell consoles. Sure, a new game is great, but more of what you love is better in the minds of players.

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