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How Does Rebellion Keep Getting More Sniper Elite On The Switch?


Last week it was revealed that Rebellion is bringing Sniper Elite 4 to the Nintendo Switch. They did this during their September Nintendo Partner Showcase, and honestly it was probably one of the more astounding moments of the show for me. I love the Sniper Elite series, and have played all of the games on the Switch, but I never thought that they’d be able to get this one squeezed into Nintendo’s hybrid platform. How wrong I was.

As you can see, there’s not a lot to go on in terms of gameplay here. In fact, as far as trailers go, it’s pretty basic and boring. However, the fact that what we can see looks as good as it does is a good indicator for the game moving forward. I can’t wait to play this instalment on Switch, but how do these guys keep doing this?

Sniper Elite 4 is a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game, it launched for the current console generation. When I spoke to the guys and girls and Rebellion at EGX 2019, they said that there were currently no plans to bring this game to Switch. They did add that they were constantly impressed by what the developers were able to do though. Sniper Elite 3 on the Switch is a masterpiece in itself, so I’m expecting even greater things from this entry.

I think that the reason that Rebellion keeps on supporting the Switch with these fantastic ports is that they know they have an audience there. Switch players are eager for as many incredible games as they can get their hands on. We want more amazing experiences, whether they’re ports, or brand new releases.

Sniper Elite 4, for me at least,  is akin to the Metal Gear Solid series. You can sneak through every level and take down enemies with tactical proficiency. You can also have some great fun laying traps, most of which your enemy will fall for. I can’t wait to get a feel for this game when it does eventually launch. I guess we have Sniper Elite 3 to keep us all busy for now though. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a dedicated Switch entry one of these days?

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