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Driving Is Locked At The Start Of Cyberpunk 2077


After one of their Night City Wire videos, the developers at CD Projekt Red sat down and answered some questions about Cyberpunk 2077. One of the most interesting topics that came up relates to the game’s cars. Now we know we’ll be able to drive, that’s been showcased as much as the game has been. However, what we haven’t known for sure until now is that we definitely can’t drive any flying vehicles. Apparently, this would have been an absolute nightmare for the designers, so the developers were cooperative and denied the player this ability. However, we can still pick whatever car we want and drive it. There’s just one thing that’s in our way, our own skill levels.

That’s right, in order to get a car, you need to upgrade your character a bit first. You can’t just jump into the game and start stealing cars and acting like a lunatic. This isn’t Grand Theft Auto 5 after all. As far as I can tell, there are two key stats that are linked to stealing cars. One is a body type stat that affects your ability to rip people out of their cars before jumping in and driving them. The second is a technical stat, and that relates to how effectively you can steal cars. My guess is that this second stat is closer to hacking, or cleverly opening locked cars in other subtle ways.

Once you’ve stolen a vehicle, don’t count on keeping it. There’s no way to do this for some reason. I’d guess that the city’s police force would pick the vehicle up pretty quickly once it’s discovered, and players aren’t likely to leave vehicles in clearly marked bays, are they? Once you have acquired a vehicle though, you can call it up through an in-game system that shows the vehicles you own. I’d like to think of this as the delivery system of the Just Cause series, though I think we’ll have to be in a single location where all of these vehicles are stored if we want to pick one up.

I’m quite excited that the game restricts the freedom you have behind the skills you choose. I’d like to see some players make incredible builds that are totally inept in certain ways, such as when it comes to stealing cars. All those guns skills won’t help you rip a person out of their beloved vehicle will they?

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