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Demon’s Souls Remake Is A Must-Buy PS5 Launch Title


If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a brand new trailer for Demons Souls Remake. It contains the boss fight with the Armoured Spider, plus another boss that I’ll let you discover for yourself. this game is very nearly out. It launches on November 12, alongside the PlayStation 5, and I firmly believe that it is a must-buy for all PlayStation 5 owners. The game is going to be a generation-defining release,  and it’s out at the start of the generation! In this latest video for the game, you really get a sense for how the developers have taken the base game and built on it. It’s punchier, faster, and so much more deadly. It also looks phenomenal.

The Armoured Spider is probably my least favourite boss in the game. It’s creepy enough in the original, but now it looks so much more gruesome. I also love the way that the legs move much faster than the original version’s. This speed makes the boss feel so much more lethal, even though you can tell on the face of it that this isn’t an extremely complicated boss fight at all. In fact, as long as you stay up close, the boss seems to be pretty easy.

That’s not why you need this game on day one though. You need it because of what it represents. Here’s a PlayStation 3 game that is very much still intact. All that’s happened is that everything has been tightened up a bit, and the visuals have been vastly improved. Otherwise it’s exactly the same game. The developers even describe it as such. They believe that the benchmark for a remake was set with Shadow of the Colossus, and that’s as far as they’re willing to go.

With that said, Shadow of the Colossus did have a few new pieces of content in there. I think that the final area of the game, which was scrapped during development, will appear in some shape or form in this remake. That alone is enough of a reason to buy this and play it, because it’s untrodden ground that only hackers have experienced before. Even then, it won’t have looked anywhere near as good as the game does now.

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