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Demon’s Souls Looks Like Way More Than A Remake


Last week Sony gave us a look at at Demon’s Souls, the remake for PlayStation 5, which will also be a launch title for the console. Looking at it, I was convinced by the power of this new console. I can’t see how anyone could watch it and not realise just what a powerhouse the PlayStation 5 is. I also thought that the remake was looking a lot more like a brand new game than it is a remake. I found a video that goes through a comparison below if you needed some convincing that it is in fact the same game.

First things first, this isn’t going to be an easy game. Clearly a high-level debug character has been used to record the gameplay, this is going to be a hard game regardless of how the trailer makes it look.

Now then, with that out of the way, can you believe just how good the remake looks? I honestly can’t There are areas that resemble the original quite well, but even those have seen a lot of polish since the game first released. What made my jaw drop were the finishing animations. They look a lot more like something you’d see in an action game, more of a pre-scripted encounter than an actual dynamic element of the game. It’s crazy just how well the game blends the two, which will hopefully pull through to the final release.

I also love how the attacks of the bosses are still there in the remake, but they’ve been given some new spice. Technology was limited when Demon’s Souls first launched, that’s clear from the fact that it’s two generations older than this remake. In the PlayStation 5 version though, we can see what the full vision for the game was. Bosses now have attacks that will challenge even veterans of the series, and I think that’s where it will really come into its own.

Unfortunately we can’t see anything of the areas that were cut from the game. These may be in the remake, or they might come out as DLC. We’ll have to wait and see exactly what happens with that particular pool of lore that the souls community has been diving into for years. For now though, this game looks absolutely phenomenal.

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