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Would You Play A Sequel To Beyond: Two Souls?


In a recent interview with WCCFtech, Quantic Dream’s David Cage said that he was open to sequels. This isn’t something that you’d expect to hear from the man at the head of one of gaming’s best storytelling developers. Each game they put out might be open to a sequel, but Quantic Dream has never produced one, or even expressed an interest in doing so until now. I think that this opens the industry up a lot, particularly because the developer is no longer a PlayStation partner. However, in order to make a sequel, there needs to be an audience for one. So my question is, would anyone play a sequel to Beyond: Two Souls?

I adore Beyond: Two Souls. I think that it has a fantastic story, and explores a very interesting area of our world that we’re not quite in tune with. It could have gone deeper, seeing where the entities from another world came from, but it ended just at the point where that still remains a mystery. It makes going back for a new playthrough so much sweeter, and something that I still choose to do over playing brand new games today.

Here’s the thing though. Since the game ended so well, is there actually a need for a sequel? Stories like this don’t always need to be pushed further. Sometimes they are due to money, and the promise of it, and other times they’re pushed because of a creative drive, even though there is absolutely no audience that wants this sequel to be made. Ultimately I think that a sequel should be made if the creatives behind it want to produce one.

However, I don’t think that we need a sequel. The story explored one person’s life, and how it was tied with an entity we’ll never understand. The endings I’ve seen are all beautiful in their own way, and I don’t want that spoiled by revisiting it all again. I think you could definitely push out the story to encompass new ideas and characters. But do I want it? I think the answer has to be a no.

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