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What Could Io Interactive’s Bond Game Look Like?


Recently, Io Interactive revealed that the next project they’re working on after Hitman 3 is in fact something different. They’re wrapping up this reboot story arc for Hitman with the events of Hitman 3, and are pulling themselves into something a bit different. That something is a bond game. I’m very excited about the prospect of these guys developing a bond game, and I think it’ll be extremely good. My question is what this game is going to look like in terms of gameplay.

The tiny teaser trailer above does nothing but make us wonder what Io Interactive is planning. Personally, I reckon they’ll keep things close to both the Bond franchise and Hitman. They know what they’re doing with a sandbox assassination game, but they’ve done Hitman to death. Now it’s time to take that signature sandbox assassination gameplay and environmental skill, and put it into the Bond franchise.

Think about it, much of Bond’s professional career is being sent to investigate a rumour, followed by tracking down a target and stopping them. Usually, this involves a superweapon, a love interest, and lots of gadgets. I think all of those things can fit into the type of large-scale environments that the Hitman series is now known for. What’s more, we know that Io Interactive is a fan of having events unfold through those environments. It’s really easy to see a city being presented to players, alongside a set of objectives, and the player needing to figure out how to do everything else.

I believe that stealth will be intrinsic to each mission, which is great because it’s also a big part of Hitman. Furthermore, gadgets can fit very easily into the place of the items and disguises that players use in the Hitamn franchise. Bond doesn’t really go for disguises, at least not much, but he always has some sort of handy tool to help him.

The only thing I can’t see fitting into the sandbox gameplay is the cars. You’d need a massive open world for that to work. This would completely change the feel of the game, unless it is a huge open-world with loads of little opportunities for sandbox assassination.

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