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Fallout 76 Has More Ridiculous Stats


Over the last year, we’ve had some absolutely ridiculous stats come out of games. Now though, Bethesda has topped them all by releasing all of their most ridiculous stats for Fallout 76. Some of these are absolutely mental when you think about it, because they’re based on the stats of a single player. I love that this game is generating so many stupid statistics, and I hope it continues to do so well into 2021 and beyond. For now though, let’s dive into what players have been doing in Fallout 76 this year.

A total of 5,015,873 nukes have been dropped in the game, most of which have fallen on Cranberry Bog. Nukes aren’t easy to fire. You only really get one per playthrough. For this many bombs to have dropped is just shocking.

To caveat this, 702,284,423 player deaths have been recorded. Most of these were probably mine. I can tell you that 16,110,917 deaths were caused by fall damage though, which is pretty damn impressive.

The most popular region for Camps was the Forest, which is pretty great. I love this area. Most players also decided that the pink Asylum Uniform was their favourite as well.

Let’s smash out the important stuff. 54,390,065 Scorchbeast kills have been recorded, 674,542 Wendigo kills have been recorded, 2,170,895 Scorchbeast Queen kills have been racked up, and 4,741,936,147 Scorched kills have been recorded. That is insane!

The total Purveyor items that were purchased is 81,683,066, and 1,636,268,378 Purified Water units have been consumed. 24,082,959,134 5mm shots have been fired, 299,002,901 Treasury Notes have been acquired, and 115,429,750 Wendigo Teeth have been harvested. Finally, 6,591 units of Spoiled Meat is the most that a single player has dropped. What a damn waste.

I love Fallout 76, it’s got so much potential for soaking up your time that it can actually be quite overwhelming. However, I’d argue that putting any time into the game is time well spent, even if it’s time spend doing some of the more stupid items in the above list. I hope that these shenanigans continue for years and years. I adore the Fallout 76 community, and only want to see to see it grow as it enters a new year in a much stronger state.

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