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The Monster Hunter Rise Demo Was Insanely Popular


Last Friday, a demo for the upcoming release Monster Hunter Rise was released on the Nintendo eShop. It was supposed to launch on Thursday, which is when the digital Monster Hunter Event took place. However, it seems like there were some issues, because no one actually picked it up until the next day. When it was finally available, the demo was so popular that it actually caused some issues with the Nintendo eShop. This should go to show that the game is almost guaranteed to sell well on the Switch. I reckon we could be looking at the 2021 version of what Animal Crossing: New Horizons was for 2020.

The above is the event in full. It was pretty damn crazy because it covered a few of the new monsters coming to the series with the game, as well as a reveal of a brand new feature, Wyvern Riding. This allows you to jump up on flying monsters and ride them. Of course, the demo news was the highlight.

After the event was finished, so many people rushed to the Nintendo eShop to download it that it went down. All that traffic was far too much for the system to handle, so it buckled under the pressure. I myself experienced this when I was trying to get the demo on Friday. The eShop was down in the UK, so everyone had no choice but to wait it out and hopefully pick the demo up later in the day.

Some people were reporting lengthy download times for the demo, others simply couldn’t access it. It was a mess. But what a mess it was! As I said at the start, this shows that the game is going to sell well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on to sell more copies than any other Switch release this year. When it launched in April last year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the biggest game in terms of sales for a good few months. Despite having a nice appeal, I think that Monster Hunter Rise stands a good chance of being the best-selling game for the Switch of 2021.

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