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The Sniper: Ghost Warrior Franchise Has Quietly Racked Up 11 Million Sales


I remember when Sniper: Ghost Warrior first launched. It was touted as an extreme sniper experience. Boasting all the reality of a battlefield. However, when the game launched, it wasn’t exactly up to par. While the sniper action was excellent, the rest of the game fell by the wayside. It felt like a world and game had been created around an incredible sniper mechanic, and it never really hit home with most people. A few games later, and this series feels more like a joke to me than a success. However, there are clearly enough fans out there, because 11 million units of the franchise have now been sold.

There have been three mainline games in this franchise, as well as Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, which is the latest game. I totally understand the appeal. I love the sniper game in Hitman, and any chance I get to use a snipe rifle in other games, I take more than the time I’m allowed to mess around with them. But that doesn’t explain why a franchise that’s regarded as pretty awful, like Sniper: Ghost Warrior, has racked up so many sales. I think I know why it might be doing so well though.

You see, when you’re using a sniper rifle in a game, you’re a good safe distance away from your target. Even if they discover you, you can move away from the area and pick a new spot to shoot them all from. It’s why Sniper Elite does so well, although those games have much better worlds to make them feel full as well. I think that Sniper: Ghost Warrior has done so well because it gives players the power to kill in a single shot, as long as they obey the laws of sniping. You need to get your shot just right, and that takes time.

Ultimately, it’s like fishing. 90% of your time is spent on preparation. you need to find a good spot to shoot from, scout the enemies, identify any important targets, and get your scope and wind speeds sorted. Only then do you make a shot, and even then it could just be one. I think that level of patience and sitting around is what many people love about the series, and that’s why it’s sold so well. Maybe it’s time to get into it.

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