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I’m Quietly Excited For Expeditions: Rome


There’s a game coming out in January 2022 called Expeditions: Rome that I’m getting more and more excited about. It’s a title set in the good old days of the Roman Empire, when the army was raging around the world, conquering everything it could. You take on a small band of characters as they head out on a campaign to take various cities and generally have a great time conquering. It looks like it combines story and tactical gameplay pretty damn well, which is more what I’m excited for. It’s similar to how Age of Mythology brought a fantastic story to the forefront of a game that was mainly about base building and tactics.

Expeditions: Rome has much more depth though. A lot of research has gone into the game to make it as accurate as possible, meaning you’ve got troops that you know were there in the Roman Empire, and buildings and civilizations that the empire went around and gave a good kicking to. You’ll be part of the force that’s giving everyone a run for their money, and you can emerge victorious and conquer most of the world if you’re good about it.

The other side to all of this is story. There are choices to make that will come back to haunt you over the course of your playthrough. The developers haven’t outlined exactly how this will work yet, but we know that the choices are going to play a big part in how the story plays out over the course of the hours you put into this title.

As for the gameplay, this game is more like X-Com than anything else. It’s all turn-based, but it’s filled with Roman soldiers. You’ll be hitting enemies with arrows and swords, generally making yourself a nuisance to anyone that gets in the way. You can upgrade all of your soldiers and gear at your headquarters. This means that your troops are going to get much better as the story advances. Of course, you’re likely to be able to lose your soldiers too, which is another reason I’m getting more and more excited about playing this one from start to finish.

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