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Be Prepared To Hide From The Giant Woman In Resident Evil Village


If you watched the Resident Evil Village showcase last week, it can’t have escaped you that there is a rather tall woman inside the castle just outside of the village Ethan is being kept in. While the event didn’t go too deep into the gameplay aspects, it did give us a glimpse at what I think will be the new Jack Baker. I’m talking about that same incredibly tall woman. She’s massive, imposing, and yet so beautiful, and I think that’s why she’s going to be the one chasing us around the castle. We’ll be awed by her so much that we’ll forget she can pick us up and snap our necks with one hand.

In case you didn’t play it, I’ll fill you in on Jack Baker’s role in Resident Evil 7. After you’ve played the game for a short while, Jack Baker will begin roaming the family home in search of you. You need to hide from him when he pops up and run away when you see him. It makes navigating the map much more difficult, and adds a sense of dread to almost every moment. I personally loved it, but I know a lot of people found it hard to cope with.

I think that this giant woman will fulfill a similar role in Resident Evil Village. She’s a big danger, and I can imaging that she knows how to get around the castle faster than anyone else. That’s why she’ll be the one chasing us. It would make sense that her daughters could find us at any moment, but I think the dread of this beautiful giant hunting players down is so much scarier.

There’s a part in the video above where you see her walking in through a normal doorway, crouching down because she’s so tall. I’ve said in a previous article that I think this is part of her mutation, but I also think she enjoys it. She can still get around her home, and that’s why she’s the perfect enemy to be hunting players as they explore a location they know nothing about. I don’t see her smashing down any walls, because she loves the castle too much. Instead, I think she’ll either summon her daughters or just use secret passages.

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