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The Duke Is A Welcome Return For Resident Evil 4’s Merchant In Resident Evil Village


I promise that we’ll stop bombarding you with Resident Evil Village content from here on. There is just one more thing that I feel is worth exploring from last week’s Resident Evil Village’s showcase last week. That thing is The Duke. He’s the merchant vendor in Resident Evil Village and is acting as the return for a brilliant vendor role that the games have been lacking for years. While Resident Evil 7’s caravan had items you could purchase, it had no personality and was quite creepy and unsettling. See if you can spot the new merchant in the video below and read on for more.

The merchant of Resident Evil 4 is an infamous character. There are countless articles and videos exploring who he really is, and why he’s so important to the game. For me, he was a welcome reprieve between intense encounters. I always loved finding him because it meant that I was about to unload loads of useless items and upgrade my favourite weapon. I once sold everything just to get the Broken Butterfly weapon, which gave me a one-hit kill against a certain flowery boss.

In Resident Evil Village, The Duke is a colossal man. I think that most of the speculation around him will focus on his size. He seems to have loads of items for sale, which means that he’s obviously protected, meaning he could be related to the family that’s after Ethan. Maybe he just wants to make some cash out of their disappointment. His size makes me think that he’s the son of the giant yet beautiful woman who will probably be stalking players around the castle.

I hope that we have the ability to upgrade weapons through The Duke. Upgrading was such a key part of Resident Evil 4, it would be a shame for Capcom to avoid putting the feature into this game too. Overall, Resident Evil Village is looking more and more like a return to the game that made the series so popular. It’s also possible that any mechanics added to the game will go on to define the next generation of games for years to come.

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