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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Gives You More Of What You Want


Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is coming out at some point this spring, and it’s already looking like it’ll be an excellent excuse to waste away hours of your day, regardless of lockdown. The Lego games have only become stronger with each release. Every single new IP that they explore has enhanced what the games offer, and now this latest release is the culmination of everything that they’ve been able to achieve so far. In total there are going to be 300 playable characters, which is absolutely insane. I can’t even imagine who all those characters are going to be, but they’re in there.

The thing that players want from these games is a lengthy campaign filled with collectibles and nonsense. No one wants a serious Lego game, it just doesn’t make any sense. With the silliness thrown in, you’re free to explore your favorite universes in a brand new light, without ruining them for yourself. I really love the way that I get to be a Jedi and rip apart an entire starship with my lightsaber before everyone’s eyes, even though in real life that just wouldn’t be okay. It’s like being put into the world of Grand Theft Auto but will the silly meter turned all the way up to 10.

I think that developer TT Games knows exactly what they’re doing with the Lego games at this point. They’ve identified what people want from the games, and they’re doubling down on it. I expect this release to have everything that made the Lego Star Wars games great when they first came out, but see it enhanced with every lesson the developer has learned since. For example, the games began to feel a little repetitive at times, but now I think there’s a true scope here to make every single mission feel unique.

Part of what will make this game so good is the enhanced visuals for all modern consoles. Even on the Nintendo Switch, which is where I see this selling best, I think this game is going to look exceptional. There’s no way that it won’t be a blockbuster hit, which is saying a lot for a Lego game.

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