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IO Interactive Is Doubling Down On Their Bond Game


Last week, Io Interactive spoke about what they’re doing to help them get on top of the James Bond game they’re working on. According to The Gamer, they’re doubling their staff and starting up a new studio. That’s quite the feat considering that they’ve only just become independent. However, the Hitman Reboot Trilogy has now concluded, and it’s done extremely well with Hitman 3. However, now they’re changing tact, and they’re taking on one of the biggest IPs out there. As far as games go, this can be either the holy grail or the IP that completely ruins your studio. There are plenty of bad Bond games, and no one remembers them fondly.

Some of the staff seem to be totally over the moon to be working on the Bond IP. I have to say that it would be a dream come true for me, so I can see why they’re so excited about it. The only issue is that they’ve got a lot to live up to. GoldenEye for the N64 shaped how modern shooters work, and even the latest games set in the Daniel Craig movies did a lot for players. I remember playing those games and thinking just how good they were, they certainly didn’t feel like cheap movie tie-ins at all.

I reckon that Io Interactive is going to take the sandbox assassination style of gameplay from Hitman and blend it with Bond. That doesn’t mean that it’ll be random assassinations and no bond moments, but it’ll have small pockets where it’s down to the player to figure out how to progress. Story makes a lot more sense in a Bond game, so they can change the style to be close to that of Hitman Absolution, with a linear path through segments of an open world, instead of a few set open worlds.

I think that Io Interactive is taking the initiative here to make something great. They know that if they mess up then it’s all on them, and they want to do their best both for their childhood dreams and for fans of their work. Things should only be able to get better from here on.

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