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Deathloop’s New Powers Show A Depth We Haven’t Seen Before


Last week, Sony showed off a brand new trailer for Deathloop. This is one of the few games that’s going to be a PS5 exclusive, and I already think it looks incredible. Coupled with the fact that the game is from one of my favourite developers, Arkane Studios, I don’t see how it can lose. I noticed a couple of new powers in the game’s latest trailer, and I wanted to discuss them briefly here with you. I think they add a lot more depth to the game than I first expected was present.

The first is the invisibility power. This is a power that I love to use in any game that it’s present. The one that springs most to mind is Crysis 2. You could play a level in a dramatically different way if you were cloaked. I hope that the same is true in Deathloop. This game is about finding different paths to help you progress to your targets. What I want to do is see if there’s a way to sneak through the entire game. Knowing Arkane Studios, I think this will be a possibility, and that just shows that all other powers could be utilised in a similar way.

The second new power is the defensive capability that Colt has. It looks like it makes him less vulnerable for a time. Then, in a move I presume was stolen from Black Panther, a degree of the damage Colt has taken can be exploded back out against the enemies around him. This is a very interesting power because it’ll force players to take more damage before they blow Colt up. I think that I’ll be using this one a lot because I play like a nutter in games like this. I go in all guns blazing and think about survival much later.

For a game in which death puts you right back at the start, it looks like pace will be key here. I’m so excited to see what secrets players find when we finally get our hands on the game in May. Maybe there will be a secret ending if you do absolutely nothing for 24 hours straight.

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