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Rerunning The Division 2’s Seasons Is A Good Move From Ubisoft


Ubisoft seems to be doing something that all MMO players have wanted for years, but no developer has ever done. They’re rerunning older seasons in The Division 2. They’re probably doing this because they have no new content in the pipeline, which you could call lazy. However, I think that this move is caused by something else. I think they’ve seen players enjoy the initial run of seasons they produced. But not everyone had a chance to enjoy them to the full. This move is opening up those early seasons to all players, allowing everyone to enjoy them, regardless of when they started playing the game.

The Division 2 is very similar to Destiny 2 in a lot of ways. Both games launched in one state, and now they look like something different. The developers have worked on the games and changed them according to community feedback. Part of that for both games has been the addition of seasons. In The Division 2, players got up to Season 4, and then they stopped. I think that’s all Ubisoft planned. Now though, it sounds like someone at Ubisoft has approved further development, which is why we’re getting reruns of older seasons.

I just started playing The Division 2. I’ve never played through a season, so I’ve missed out big time. However, I like that I now get a chance to burn through four season passes alongside the rest of the community. These seasons are reasons to play, and they each added something new that was worth coming back for. I think that the game has a tonne to offer, and since it’s so cheap, it’s a bit mad to steer clear of it.

I don’t see this becoming a trend among other developers. While it would be nice to return to an older season in games like Destiny 2, this should be restricted to an off-peak time. If an expansion gets delayed for example, then an older season should be brought back just to fill the gap. For those who play regularly, I can imagine this is a boring move, adding nothing to the game. I promise you though, I’m excited to get through this and meet all the agents out there.

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  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    I think this logic doesn’t hold up at allll! The MMO scape is totally different and has a consistently high number of active players so keeping them invested is the name of the game! Unless there is empirical data showing theres been an influx of NEW players in Division 2 its most certainly NOT happening because it’s letting ‘new players’ experience older seasons.. The only reason this is happening is because the game has nothing new to offer. nothing more nothing less…