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You Can Now Play Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Again


Batman Arkham Origins is a great game in many respects. While it’s the black sheep of the Arkham series for several reasons, it’s actually a fan favourite. The villains included, combined with the size of the world and challenges, make it one of the best open-world games to play around in. Unfortunately, the servers for the game’s multiplayer mode have been shut down for quite some time. That is, until now. A group of fans has got together to create a mod that brings the multiplayer back online. So as long as you have the PC version of the game, you can play this multiplayer element to your heart’s content again.

I have to hold my hands up and tell you that I honestly had no idea that this mode existed. I got into this game late, and I think the multiplayer was already offline at that point. However, if I had been able to play at launch, I’d have been all over this. It’s the perfect Batman multiplayer experience, and it’s so great that players can still experience it today.

The concept is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Two players form the hero team, made up of Batman and his mates. The other team consists of soldiers, the grunts that villains hire as cannon fodder. The heroes need to hunt down and stop the soldiers and villains. However, the soldiers have guns, and they’re a lot smarter than the game’s base AI. This makes for some incredibly tense Batman moments that you just can’t get anywhere else.

It’s a shame that this multiplayer mode didn’t make it into Batman Arkham Knight, but I can see why. It’s probably because no one plays these games to fill in the role of a soldier and et pummeled by Batman. Everyone wants to be Batman, and beat the snot out of anything that moves. It’s a real shame that something couldn’t be made to work though because this is a multiplayer mode that had legs. If you do fancy playing it, you can download the mod and start hitting grunts whenever you like.

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