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I’m Tentatively Excited For Maneater: Truth Quest


Last week, Tripwire Interactive announced a new DLC that’s supposedly coming to Maneater. Truth Quest is a strange new expansion that sees players embark on the quest to find all of the strange beings that have been haunting the area since they first emerged as a shark. I’m only tentatively excited for this DLC because the trailer for it launched on April Fool’s Day. At the time of writing, it’s been a few days. I’m still not sure this is all true though. The thing is, the trailer hasn’t been confirmed as fake either. So here we are, only excited enough for our hopes to be dashed without it killing us.

While the trailer doesn’t exactly show a lot of new stuff in terms of shark powers, it does give us an idea of what is going on. The area of Clovis Bay has become infested with strange paranormal beings. This includes aliens, bigfoot, and other cryptids. You can see them on the wall as the trailer pans out. There are also new military forces in the area looking to close in on these cryptids. Whatever they’re after, it can’t be good. The military always wants to turn monsters into weapons.

Unfortunately, as a mega shark, players are also one of those monsters. That’s why we all need to adopt new powers to take the military down. As you can see in the trailer above though, the artwork for the DLC shows a bigger monster popping up just at the bottom. this could be some sort of hyper shark, a creature that we’ll all need to kill in the end. I quite like the idea of exploring cryptids in this universe, because it’s already absolutely bonkers.

Maneater is a great game. You play as a shark out for revenge, so it only makes sense that the story can get even more strange over time. Hopefully, this DLC isn’t a joke. I would really love an excuse to jump back into this world and explore it in a new light. The release date isn’t until summer, so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.

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