Tripwire Interactive’s CEO Clearly Wasn’t In Touch With The Staff


As you probably heard this week, the CEO of Tripwire Interactive stepped down following a comment he made on Twitter that, rightfully, garnered a lot of fury from fans. He commented on the recent abortion law change in Texas, and how much he supports it. Of course, I believe that everyone has their right to share their opinion, but public figures need to be aware that what they’re saying can harm others. In the case of Alan Wilson, the now ex-CEO of Tripwire Interactive, it was the rest of the company that he clearly wasn’t aware of, or even considered in his post.

All game developers are made up of people, more than just the one public figure you see, be that the CEO, founder, or the community manager. There are people with their own thoughts and opinions behind the scenes working tirelessly to produce games that we enjoy playing. In the case of Tripwire Interactive, the games are Maneater and its recent Truth Quest DLC. The game is phenomenal, but in a single moment, Wilson made it feel like a dirty thing to touch. I saw his post and immediately discounted Maneater’s DLC because I didn’t want to support someone with that opinion.

However, my decision hurts the majority of the company, the people who rely on sales to keep their jobs, and the people who have worked hard to make something for others to enjoy. I’m really glad that Wilson has stepped down, because it means I can actually go back and play this DLC now. I think that this should serve as a lesson for all those in game development leadership that aren’t in touch with their staff though. If you don’t value the opinions of those around you, you’re probably not right for the job. Leadership should be constantly seeking to make the workplace better, and saying things without a thought for those around you doesn’t help do that at all.

Hopefully we don’t see any more opinions thrown out on Twitter by game development leadership. However, there are still plenty of rogue characters out there who have time to disgrace themselves.

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