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More Rainbow Six Parasite Gameplay Shows Off Additional Features


As reported by GamesRadar, some more Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay leaked over the past week. Just like the last load of gameplay, this one was taken down pretty damn quickly. However, that wasn’t before a lot of people got their eyes on it and managed to witness some of the new features revealed. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but these new features do tell us a lot more about the game. They better outline what the gameplay loop will feel like when you’re in it, and how each match will progress. I have to say, I’m more excited for the game after reading about these, hopefully, they are a core part of the main game.

The first thing to discuss is the fact that the gameplay showed an Operator dragging her allies to the extraction point. You can extract at any point in a match, even if you haven’t progressed to the end of every round. While dragging, you’re limited to just your pistol. This is similar to how rescuing VIPs in the Parasite-like event worked in Rainbow Six Siege all those years ago. As you’re dragging allies, enemies are going to be trying to rip you both apart. That’s not a good look. I think the ally being dragged will also have their pistol though, so that’s not too bad.

Enemies in the footage had glowing boils to shoot, which is sounds like a great way to down them. I think this might also mean that they’re hard as nails to kill if you’re not focusing on those points though. There are even enemies with flaming hands, which sounds like a lot to handle in the moment. Maybe there will be a perk system that helps you deal with certain enemy types more efficiently.

Lastly, let’s touch on that extraction point. If you have to drag all downed allies to the extraction point, it must be a safe area that players can rest in. I think that once all living players have made it to the zone, they’ll be given the choice to continue or quit. I suspect that without a medkit, downed players aren’t getting back up. This is going to make strategizing your runs even more intense than a standard game of Siege.

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