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Hitman 3’s Season Of Greed Roadmap Looks A Little Thin


Last week, Io Interactive revealed the Season of Greed roadmap for Hitman 3. This is something that players have been waiting on since the start of April. Now, we knew that it wouldn’t just be the April roadmap, because Io Interactive prepped us for this. Instead, the roadmap covers from now until May 9, meaning that the content is being stretched across an even longer period. However, this is understandable given that the developer is also working on Project 007. Still, I can’t help but think that this roadmap is particularly weak when looking at the others we’ve had.

The key difference with this roadmap is that it’s longer than every other one we’ve had. The content will therefore be stretched a little further, allowing the developers time to get Act 2 of the Season of Sin ready. Interestingly, we do actually have two Elusive Targets. While one was last week, it’s still part of this season. I think that it’s wise to bump up the number of these in a roadmap, mainly because they felt like they were way too irregular.

The Featured Contracts are always pretty great. These are definitely more fanfare for the fans of the creators though. I get that Io Interactive needs to generate more players, but this feels cheap. Still, it’s nice to have a broader range of locations for these Featured Contracts. This needs to be the norm moving forward.

Finally, there’s just one new Escalation. While I know that Act 2 of the Season of Sin expansion will start around May 10, I still think that these are what most people play most. Io Interactive isn’t doubling down enough on the content that players care about. Sure, Featured Contracts are nice. But there are three of them for every single Escalation.

Ultimately, this roadmap isn’t too disappointing, but it is a sign of things to come. Hitman 3 is a shared priority for Io Interactive. The developer is working on two games at once, meaning it doesn’t have the resources to make tonnes of Hitman 3 content like it once did. Hopefully, the Season of Sin content is consistently good throughout the year though.

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