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The Satu Mare Delirium Is The Best Escalation In Hitman 3


Alongside the other two Escalations that came to Hitman 3 last week, it got its final Deluxe Escalation, The Satu Mare Delirium. This is the final one of the six Escalations that Io Interactive promised when the game first launched. It shows that the developers are extremely capable of making a coherent Escalation that actually has some flow to it. More than any other in the game right now, this is hands down the best Escalation you can play. It’s smart and it makes you think, which is more than can be said for most of the other Escalations that have been put out for the game so far.

The difference with The Satu Mare Delirium is that it has three distinct levels that all follow each other. Usually, an Escalation has the same starting point and escalating requirements. In this one though, you begin in one area, end in another, and then start the next level from there. By the end of the game, you’ve been across the entire Berlin map, which has been revamped specifically for this Escalation, and you feel like you’ve accomplished something. As I said, no other Escalation comes close to making you feel this good about completing the mission.

The thing is, Io Interactive had this planned before Hitman 3 launched. With all the other Escalations, they seem to have been working on them once the game was already out. I don’t understand why the rest of the Escalations in the game can’t follow the same pattern. Revamp the map, and move from one area to the other across each level. It mixes things up and makes for some very interesting gameplay.

Once you’ve played through all the main missions and challenges, Hitman 3 can get a bit stale. Escalations get your brain going again, and even those with intricate map knowledge have to really think about how to complete their objective. I get that it must be incredibly difficult to develop new content from home, but if there are plans months in advance, let’s shift those plans to focus on more content like this, and less like the other Escalations we’ve been getting.

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