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The Greed Enumeration Is Exactly What Hitman 3 Needed


Last week, the first act in the Seven Deadly Sins expansion for Hitman 3 launched. Act 1: Greed, added a new Escalation, The Greed Enumeration. It’s a very interesting Escalation that plays around with the expected mechanics of this game mode. You have three levels to work through still, and there are targets to kill in each. However, you can end the mission after you’ve killed just one target in each level. Alternatively, you can push yourself, and take down more and more targets in each level to make the most of the challenge that’s on offer here.

After the first target is killed, you’ll get a second, third, and fourth sometimes. They generally have more requirements, such as needed to be killed with a lethal throwing object. You can pick up coins from each target and then spend them at a frog vendor who will give you the item you need for the next kill requirement. What I love about this Escalation is that you don’t need to spend a penny if you know the map well enough. There are items all throughout the location that will allow you to get everything done as required without ever being seen. You can get a Silent Assassin rank and collect all 60 coins without spending any of them.

I’ve seen mixed reviews of this Escalation. It’s quite easy if you only finish a level after one kill. Many players call it easy because of that, but I just don’t think they’re trying hard enough. For those who don’t want a challenge, this Escalation proves to be almost impossible. Past Escalations have been too easy. I can’t stand that they were so simple to push through. This one though has had a lot of thought put into the design. It’s a tougher challenge that will push even the most experienced players.

This Escalation gets the Seasons of Sin off to a good start. I hope that Io Interactive continues to follow this route for future Escalations. If they do, then this first expansion will be a huge success. If not though, Hitman 3 could crash and burn.

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