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Is Capcom’s Surprise This Week Resident Evil 4 Remake?


During this week’s Resident Evil showcase event, we’re getting a new trailer and gameplay video for Resident Evil Village. However, Capcom has also promised some surprises. That’s stuff that we won’t be expecting. So I’m now wondering what we’ll be getting that we aren’t expecting. I think that it’s safe to say that it’ll blindside us. For example, a fully fleshed-out season pass system for the rest of the year for RE:Verse. However, it might also be a full reveal of Resident Evil 4 remake, the game we’ve all been waiting years for.

Okay, so there’s very little evidence to suggest that Resident Evil 4’s remake will be part of this showcase. In fact, all the evidence to support the remake was actually just stuff for Resident Evil Village. The werewolves, the vampires, even the village setting were all for the eighth mainline title. I don’t think that means that there won’t be a remake of the best Resident Evil game though. On the contrary, I think that Capcom would be mad to ignore it.

Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes were developed alongside each other. Despite launching a year or so apart, they were originally planned to be a bundle. Now that Capcom knows how much we love these remakes, I don’t see why they wouldn’t continue. They could take this further with Resident Evil 4, or they could look back and finally do a full remake of the original game in the RE Engine. If this was the surprise reveal, I think it would only be good for the fanbase. No one will be mad about another incredible remake.

I don’t see what else Capcom could announce as a surprise. While there might be a crossover with Monster Hunter Rise, I think that a new game announcement is far more likely. This will ensure that interest in the Resident Evil franchise is there through the rest of the year. Players will be hungry for more once they’ve finished Resident Evil Village, so it only makes sense to get more stuff out to them as soon as possible. Those are my hopes anyway, some sort of new remake, probably Resident Evil 4.

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