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I Can’t Wait To Attack The Sheriff In Hood: Outlaws & Legends


A new gameplay overview trailer for Hood: Outlaws & Legends has some very interesting details hidden away inside it. The ones I want to focus on in this article all revolve around the Sheriff. This guy is the big bad boss of every level. He’s described as a force of nature, and can’t be killed by anyone. While you can knock him down, he’ll get back up pretty quickly and start murdering his way through your team. He’s not a guy to be messed with, but I honestly can’t wait to get stuck in and start beating him up at every opportunity.

The Sheriff is the guy with the key to the vault. Every player needs this in order to loot the stronghold. You can’t get into the vault otherwise. That’s why you need to take on the Sheriff. However, it does look like it’s possible to steal from him. He might be guarded at all times by elite knights, but he’s not clever enough to put the key inside a pocket. Instead, it’s just dangling there on his belt for anyone to grab. That doesn’t sound fun though does it? I think getting into a fight is much better.

Each character in the game could probably take the Sheriff down given the chance. The one that looks most promising is the Archer though. He’s got an explosive arrow that is designed to down the Sheriff. I think that for my first few games, all I’ll do is get this to charge up and simply mess with the Sheriff. It makes sense in a way. If I’m keeping him busy, then my team can focus on grabbing the loot. The Sheriff will be so preoccupied with me that he won’t even realize that there’s something else going on.

Of course, I do want to win the match though, so I’ll have to help out at some point. Still, taking down the Sheriff helps everyone else out as well. While he’s down, he’s not chasing after us. As the hardest-hitting enemy in the game, I can imagine that’s only a good thing. I also think that having him rise up behind the enemy team as they chase me will be pretty funny to watch. He’ll decimate them as he comes for me, but never quite gets away from their bodies before my team wins the match.

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