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Make Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Canon Again


When Disney took over ownership of the Star Wars IP, they killed Knights of the Old Republic. They now call it a legend within the Star Wars universe, effectively killing off all the characters and unique storylines that occurred within. It was a tragedy for all who loved the games, because they’re monstrous RPGs that are a huge amount of fun to play. You can spend hundreds of hours crafting a character and agonizing over choices. It’s a brilliant blend of Mass Effect and Star Wars, and I for one really thought they were great. While the series may have been lost to the non-canon part of the series, it seems like recent news suggests that Disney is bringing them back.

It won’t have escaped you that last week the remake for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was confirmed. It’s being made by the same developer behind the re-releases of games like Republic Commando. This news gives me hope that Disney might now realize just how important the Knights of the Old Republic series is to Star Wars canon. Apparently, some of the lore elements of the games have been references in the Rebels TV show, and even in books that have been released since.

Bringing the games back into the fold of the canon makes complete sense. After all, they were made by Star Wars fans to be lore-friendly, working around the films to bring something that fits in the established universe to life. Killing them off opens up more space for Disney to write new lore, but fans love the established lore already. If anything, the new lore is terrible because it can’t be informed by this older lore from the games.

Disney is greedy, we all know this. It’s in the nature of such a huge company to kill off these tiny projects that it deems unviable. Here’s the thing though, games are massive. More people play them now than ever, and Disney needs to get on board with that. If it doesn’t, then it could kill the only franchise that I thought could survive anything. Keeping Knights of the Old Republic out of the lore will kill Star Wars, so let’s have it all packed together under one roof again.

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