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I Can’t Wait To Play Star Wars Republic Commando For The First Time On Switch


Recently, Eurogamer reported that Star Wars Republic Commando is coming to Nintendo Switch. This game is one of the few in my Star Wars library that’s actually a gap. I’ve played most of the Star Wars games out there, but I never got around to this one. It was a result of my age, the time, and the consoles I owned. However, now that it’s coming to the Switch, I can’t wait to play it for the first time ever. I feel like the experience will be all the better because it’s going to be on Nintendo’s phenomenal handheld console. Check out the game’s trailer below and read on for more.

My impression of this game is that it’s a much darker and grittier shooter than we’ve ever seen in the Star Wars universe. I admit that with games such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, we may now have darker stories. But at the time, this was an aspect that attracted me to the title. The issue was that it was only available on Xbox and PC. As a PS2 fanboy, I had no chance of ever playing the game. Unless it came to a Nintendo console, but if it did then that escaped me completely.

I loved that the game was also leaning on the prequel trilogy additions to the universe. These Republic Commandos all had different abilities because they served different purposes. They weren’t all hell-bent on killing all freedom in the universe just yet. They were on the side of the Jedi, and that made them great in my eyes.

I know that I could have gone back in later years and played the game, but I never did. As I mentioned, this is one of the few gaps in my Star Wars knowledge. I always have loved the Star Wars universe, and every game gets me excited to dive back in. When this one comes back into relevance on the Switch, you can be that I’ll be there to play it all the way through. Sure, it might not look that great these days, but it’s better to get around to something than never experience it at all.

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