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Hundred Days Is The First Game To Get Me Excited About Wine


There’s a new upcoming game on Steam that’s all about winemaking, and I’m way more invested in it than I should be. The game is called Hundred Days, and it’s literally a game that puts you in the shoes of a winemaker. You make all the decisions about the wine you’re making, and then you need to go on and sell that wine. It looks like a weirdly cozy game like Voxel Tycoon, but it definitely has a lot more to invest yourself in than that title does. Without being stressful, it looks to be a management game for all gamers, not just fans of the genre.

The process of winemaking has never interested me. I’m way more invested in whisky, but with this game, I could definitely see myself learning a thing or two. You need to do everything, from choosing the right soil to organizing the harvest and processing of all of your grapes into wine. It’s something that you’ve got to refine over the course of in-game years, learning what works and what doesn’t. Eventually, you’ll hit the right balance, and find yourself producing all sorts of incredible wines for the world, and making loads of money as you do so.

Other games have touched upon this sort of area of brewing or making alcoholic beverages before. One that springs to mind is Orcish Inn, a game in which you brew beer and run an inn. You change the beer based on the current war climate. You’ll see more of a certain type of orc if their forces are winning, so you have to have the correct type of beer on hand to give to them.

Hundred Days has no wars, it’s all about the modern-day wine market. you’ve got to appeal to those looking for a cheap bottle, and then the snobs who want something special that costs hundreds of dollars as well. The game will probably look deeper into the industry than any of us ever wanted to, but I think that’s okay. It’s nice to get a management game based on a real industry like this that isn’t just producing intangible products that disappear from the warehouse once they’re made. Check out the Steam page here.

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