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Is May The Month To Try Out Battlefield 5?


Battlefield is a ridiculously good series. It’s a shooter franchise that you can jump into and know that you’re going to have a good time with. There are few Battlefield games that have been disappointing, and even those entries have had their good sides to balance to poorer parts of the games. I think that most Battlefield titles are good all-rounders for shooter fans. There’s always something to enjoy. I didn’t actually play Battlefield 5, but if it’s anything like Battlefield 1, then it’s probably a good game to get into this month since it’s free on PlayStation Plus.

Battlefield 5 came out off the back of the success of Battlefield 1. It’s also the latest game in the series since the next game has been delayed until later this year. BAttlefield 5 capitalists on the short-lived popularity of shooters returning to a World War 1 and 2 setting. It’s a hard thing for any developer to get right, and it’s even more difficult to be both sensitive of the source material, and make an action-packed experience that players will enjoy.

The main reason that Battlefield 5 has such a poor reputation is that it launched in a terrible state. It was rushed out, and it really did show at the time. The game was in an incredibly bad condition. It took months of updates for it to be brought up to scratch. Even now, it’s far from perfect, but that’s the same situation for all shooters today. The main point here is that it’s a fairly competent shooter right now, and it’s on offer for free on PlayStation Plus.

The bottom line here is should you play it this month? I reckon it’s worth a shot for free. If nothing else, it’s a potential shooter to get into if you’re not playing anything else right now. In terms of a shooter that you’ll be able to sink the rest of the year into though, this isn’t that. The game is basically dead according to the developers, and they’re focusing on revamping the series with the next release. It’s worth a try for the story, but the rest of the game is a bit of a loss right now.

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