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When Is No Man’s Sky Expedition #3 Coming Out?


No Man’s Sky’s Expeditions are the absolute best thing in the game. At least to me. I love the sense of community that each one brings. Suddenly there are worlds that feel like they’re filled with other players, with bases popping up everywhere. It’s a great way to play, and even once the Expedition is over, you can continue that save and still feel connected to everyone else because of the fact that all those bases are around the Expedition path. Sadly, the Expeditions are too far apart from each other. With that in mind, even though we’ve only had two, I’m trying to figure out when No Man’s Sky Expedition #3 will release.

The Expeditions Update for No Man’s Sky dropped on March 31. With it came the first Expedition, Pioneers. That lasted for two weeks and then ended. After that, roughly one month later on May 17, Expedition 2 Beachhead launched. That lasted for two weeks and ended on May 31. So, based on this data, I would expect Expedition 3 to launch on June 30 and last for two weeks. This would follow the pattern that we’ve seen so far. It also gives Hello Games plenty of time between Expeditions to set up new milestones and make some patches for issues that were discovered in the last one.

The thing about these Expeditions is that they’re effectively seasons in No Man’s Sky. Each update gives players a reason to return, but they don’t add anything time-sensitive to complete. That’s why Expeditions are great. You’ve got patches to earn, an ultimate reward at the end of Phase Five, and a community begging for content. Personally, I think the game would benefit from having an Expedition on at all times, but that would be a bit crazy.

To summarize, it looks like we’ll be waiting until the end of the month before we get a new Expedition. The only caveat I have is that this week is E3. There’s so much going on that it might make sense for Hello Games to simply drop an Expedition and get players into the game again. However, there will also be a post-E3 lull at the end of the month, the perfect time for an Expedition to capture those looking to play something fresh. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Tom S. Fox

    The first expedition lasted for six weeks and ended a day before the second one began.

    • 1dTen

      Came here to say the same thing. The first one was over a month long. The second one was much shorter with fewer rewards overall, but it was much less demanding as well.

  • SenPyres

    The information here is wrong. The first expedition launched and lasted for almost 2 months. The 2nd one launched almost immediately after the first ended. #2 only last for 2 weeks.

  • Anom

    I honestly wouldn’t mind being able to go back into the old expeditions and be able to collect the rewards you weren’t able to get. I got the game a few days before expedition 2 launched and was sad to miss so much of the first one as a new player.

    • Elanor Critchley

      I’m in the same boat, except I missed both 1 & 2.. started playing about a month after they both ended and I was really sad to realise I’d missed out on them both lol. I hope they cycle them back in at some point so that people who missed them get a chance to play!

  • Dan Lester

    Well i knew this prediction would be wrong. What I dont understand is why they keep the launch date a secret at all. I have long since lost interest in waiting for the next expedition, And spent money buying all of the mass effect games. Since NMS gave me the normandy, It got me interested in those games. Anyway while the expeditions are something to do. They are not what the game needs. NMS needs a mission system similar to mass effects mission system. Missions almost never repeat what another mission did. And this is a major downfall in NMS, Repetitive monotonous missions are not fun. They need to give players reasons to travel to other galaxies. Such as indigenous species and missions. Basically the entire game needs to have a huge injection of species to shake things up. I don’t care if I get killed, I’ll come right back and do it again till I win. There are millions of things that NMS needs that it doesn’t have. This is what makes players leave the game so fast.