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Why Isn’t Ubisoft Showing The Division During E3 2021?


Ubisoft has made it clear that The Division IP won’t be part of its E3 2021 lineup at Ubisoft Forward. This means that there will be nothing on the upcoming Netflix movie, The Division: Heartland free-to-play title, or The Division 2. I think I know why this is, though, and it’s going to sound incredibly obvious. There’s nothing new to show for The Division 2 yet, and The Division 3 is still too early in development to be shown as well. You might disagree with one of these, but I think they’re very safe assumptions to make, especially given what Ubisoft has said in the past about this IP and what its plans for it are.

The Division: Heartland is a free-to-play title that was only announced this year. It makes sense that Ubisoft wouldn’t want to show any of it right now because it’s probably not planned for release for a while. The Division 2 however, is the company’s next big move for this IP. It pledged to make some new content for the game earlier this year, and since then we’ve just had reruns of past seasons. This isn’t terrible, but I also think that’s all that’s planned for the foreseeable future. There’s nothing new coming until the end of 2021 by my estimates.

Finally, The Division 3 is definitely in the works. This will be the game that Ubisoft makes last as long as Destiny 2, allowing for regular updates that will completely change the state of the game over and over. The Division 2 was never built for that, which is why it’s chugging along in the background. Ubisoft has made the mistake of showing games too early and then leaving them to sit in silence for years before. It won’t do it again, particularly after the issues around Cyberpunk 2077’s expectations.

The Division 3 will be available in some form right now, but it’s not at a point that we should be seeing it. Instead, Ubisoft wants to focus on the new games, IPs, and content it has coming out this year. It wants to show you stuff you can get your hands on soon, not something that’s releasing in a few months. That’s why The Division isn’t at E3 2021.

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