Battlefield 2042 Can’t Avoid Making A Statement On Climate Change

When Battlefield 2042 was revealed last week, I couldn’t help but think of the statement on climate change it’s making. The game’s trailer is filled with bad weather and giant tornadoes. The world is in chaos, at war, and I can only think of one thing. Climate change has destroyed huge parts of the planet, making them impossible to live in. Countries are warring for the areas that are still habitable, and that’s why we have so much conflict in the near future. It’s got nothing to do with oil, money, or a supervillain, it’s all about the weather, and how we as a species failed to see the warning signs and screwed it all up.

That’s why there’s no battle royale or campaign for this game. Each would focus too much on a storm or the story of the world being completely changed by ignorance and greed. EA doesn’t want to make a political statement on climate change, and there’s a good reason for that. Sadly, it’s nothing to do with causing panic, it’s all about money. Key investors in EA will almost certainly be involved in oil and other unsustainable industries that are contributing to the death of our planet. If EA is seen to be making these companies look bad, it’ll lose investors. That’s why Battlefield 2042 can’t officially have a focus on climate change.

Here’s the thing though, you can already see the world and guess at how it got into that state. The developers will have created a storyline around that world, and what led to it becoming this way. We don’t have tornadoes that constantly rip apart our cities today. Sure, we do have a few, but nothing on the scale of what this game will contain. It’s all very clearly about climate change, but EA is too afraid to make it obvious.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the rich won’t help those who need it, and they won’t contribute to avoiding climate change because it will cost them money in the future and in the present. They’re just not interested. That’s not good enough in my opinion. EA should make this game about climate change, and it should take a good look at its investors and decide who it wants to be in bed with when the world starts to irrevocably change yet again.