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Are There Too Many Collectibles In Alan Wake Remastered?


Before I start the article, I want to put it out there that yes, I’m aware that this game came out ten years ago in its first form. I’m discussing the collectibles issue with that in mind, and realise that there are probably more here than there would be in a game of this size if it launched today. I’ve been playing a lot of Alan Wake Remastered lately and not everything has aged well, with collectibles being one of those aspects. There are hundreds of them, and picking them all up is more of a nightmare than playing the game on nightmare mode.

Alan Wake launched in 2010, when collectibles added hours of gameplay to any title. We were all very willing to explore a game over and over until we’d collected everything in them. It was something prestigious that you could go away and tell your friends if you managed to get 100%. However, times have changed. Players want a better experience over tonnes of content, and Alan Wake Remastered shines a light on a problem that many games still have today. Developers that pack their games with busy work, things to pick up, see, or do just once, are putting filler content in.

Collectibles need to have a fine balance to them. I like them being in games, but there should be a maximum of ten of each. These should be in incredibly hard to find places, forcing players to do unnatural things to get to them. That’s how collectibles should be. If the items are scattered around the main path, there’s no point to them other than slowing players down before the next major story beat. It’s infuriating, especially when you’re trying to get all of them.

I’m not having a go at Alan Wake Remastered here. It’s very much a game of its time. However, it should also serve as a lesson for those making games today as to how to do collectibles. It’s fun every now and then to have a game with 100 hours of content and the collectibles to match, like GTA 5. Anything smaller needs less though, otherwise you’re going to push your players over the edge.

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