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Why Are There More Rats In A Plague Tale: Requiem?


Right at the end of the new trailer for A Plague Tale: Requiem, we got a look at a human that’s been long dead, chained to two pillars, in a hole that looks like the caves that the plague rats form as they move around. We’re used to seeing the caves and rats thanks to the first game, but this gives us something different to look at. The leader of The inquisition from the last game was making white rats that he could control, sort of the opposite of what Hugo can do, and it was disgusting. However, I think that this figure we see in the new trailer for the sequel is the key to why the plague is back.

You see, Amicia and Hugo have traveled far to get away from The Inquisition and the rats they bring with them to allow them to overtake an area. They’ve done this to free Hugo of the sickness that strikes when he’s too near the swarms, and it seems like he’s doing okay. That is until he disappears. I don’t know if Hugo is off on his own out of choice, or if the separation is due to something else, but it’s bad.

The rats are in this new area, possibly an island, because there seems to be some level of history with the rats there. It seems like the rat disease is an ancient one that no one understands, and that’s why people like Hugo are so rare. The chained human looks like they were someone with a similar power. They were chained up, and maybe even killed to stop the rat plague. WE don’t know if this works, and it might be something much more sinister. You see, if a person is chained up like that, they may have been forced to make the rats do things against their will.

I’m really intrigued by this story development in the franchise, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Part of me hopes that it gets darker, but I also want Hugo to be okay, so if the story could fit all of that in, that would be great.

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